Ed Murphy has a depth of experience and substantial knowledge in land use planning, economic development, zoning regulations, growth management, and capital facilities planning and implementation.  His experience includes over 18 years as a public sector manager, and 14 years experience as a private planning consultant.  He also has in-depth experience dealing with complex and often controversial transportation, environmental, development, and community livability issues.

As a public sector manager, Mr. Murphy has administered planning, urban renewal, economic development, downtown revitalization, building and engineering services and other public services. He has prepared Comprehensive Plan policies and strategies; zoning regulations; downtown redevelopment plans and programs; street standards; and other planning-related documents.
Mr. Murphy currently provides land use planning and development-related services for private and public real estate development projects, including preparing land use applications (urban growth boundary and comprehensive plan amendments, zone changes, site development review, conditional use, variances, etc.), and orchestrating neighborhood meetings and public hearings.

Mr. Murphy understands the needs of disparate groups of people involved in land use planning.  He works collaboratively with staff, public officials, developers, and citizens — listening to concerns, exchanging ideas, generating solutions, and implementing decisions.  Mr. Murphy is a creative thinker and problem solver, skilled at mediation and consensus building, thoughtful in approach, practical in finding workable answers.  He thinks conceptually and strategically, yet he pays attention to the details of regulatory standards and criteria, budgets and schedules.  He has specific capabilities in leading interdisciplinary teams, resolving conflicts and approaching problems creatively.  He is an excellent writer and group facilitator, and an effective presenter at hearings.